The Italia Car Parking Shelter

The flexibility of the Italia car park canopy makes it a great choice for businesses of all sizes, whether you want to cover select visitor spaces or your entire staff car park.


With a tall height and transparent polycarbonate roof which can either be a curved or flat design, the Italia is a spacious system for commercial car parks. Completely self-supporting to give maximum space to vehicles, it also offers shelter for visitors and contractors loading or unloading their vehicle.

Italia Car Park Canopy Specifics

  • Completely self-supporting, meaning there are no pillars or posts at the supporting end
  • Made with an aluminium frame and a polycarbonate roof
  • Integrated guttering for rainwater
  • Available in silver finish
  • Can be installed as single units or multiples
  • 5 styles available: Monza, Sienna, Salerno, Verona and Livorno
  • Various lengths and projections available depending on chosen style
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Payment Plans available