Winstanley College

The Cantabria, creating additional dining and study space at Winstanley College, Wigan


Caterlink specialises in providing schools, colleges and universities with catering services. After winning the catering contract at Winstanley College in Wigan, the company decided it wanted to address a challenge faced by most educational establishments - lack of dining space.

The requirement

Caterlink wanted to create more space to be able to serve more students during break and lunchtimes. The college had also identified a need for a multi-purpose room that students could use during their free periods.

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The area where the canopy was going to be installed had a rather extreme fall in the ground. As a result, the ground had to be dug up and levelled off and a concrete foundation had to be put in place before the installation work could take place.

The solution

We recommended our Cantabria canopy system because it perfectly matched Caterlink’s and the college’s requirements by providing them with a multi-purpose space that students can take advantage of all year round.

In particular, we felt the Cantabria was the ideal solution because the:

  • Rood can be retracted at the touch of a button, meaning students can make the most of the warmer weather in the summer months and be fully protected in more changeable and wintry weather. It also offers UV protection from the sun’s rays
  • Sliding glass screens make it possible to transform the open space into a fully enclosed unit quickly and easily
  • LED lighting and electric heating mean the space can be used when it’s light or dark and still be nice when it’s cold outside
  • System offers weatherproof protection all year round from the wind, rain, ice and snow
  • The school were looking for a system that can be freestanding in the courtyard area, the Cantabria was the obvious choice to meet this requirement

The spec

Cantabria system icon
Two weeks to install
Cantabria system icon
Four-man installation team
Cantabria system icon
One retractable roof
Cantabria system icon
56 panes of glass
Cantabria system icon
180 lights


Caterlink has created more dining space for students to use during break and lunch times and the college has been provided with an additional area where students can go during their free sessions. Thanks to the versatility of the Cantabria, students are now provided with an additional area they can utilise come wind, rain or shine. The school are so pleased with the system that it is now called the ‘Garden Room’ and is even used for parents evening and other events.

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