Sheltering Toyota Enfield's vehicles, customers and visitors from the elements - boosting footfall and sales.


Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, with 364,445 global employees and multiple showrooms across the world and the UK.

The requirement

The Toyota dealership in Enfield wanted to create a shelter for all of the cars on its forecourt so customers could collect their cars and people could take a look around without being hampered by the weather.

Ultimately, the dealership saw the decision to park its fleet under a shelter as a way of increasing footfall and driving sales.

canopy for cars


The dealership had recently been built and every element of the premises were on-brand.

One of the key criteria we had to work to, was making sure that the shelter didn’t just look aesthetically pleasing, but matched the new building, from the aluminium structure to the cladding.

The solution

Given the very specific aesthetic requirements, we instantly knew that our Italia canopy range, which is available in five styles – the Monza, Piacenza, Verona, Livorno and Sienna –
was the ideal canopy for the project.

We decided to install the Sienna canopy, as it would be easy for vehicles to be manoeuvred about because there are no supporting posts. What’s more, this particular canopy is made
from aluminium and comes with a variety of polycarbonate roofing options. Needless to say, it looks super stylish and modern.

The spec

Italia icon
6 aluminium supporting posts
Italia icon
6 rising beam arms
Italia icon
24 polycarbonate roof sheets
Italia icon
6 supporter arms
Italia icon
6 joints
Italia icon
7 days to install


Visitors can now look around the vehicles at Toyota’s Enfield dealership, and customers can collect and drop off vehicles, without the weather getting in the way.

The shelter isn’t just practical, but thanks to its incredibly stylish design, has turned the entire dealership’s fleet into a unique focal point.

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canopy for car parking
canopy for cars