The Yellow Broom Restaurant

Creating much-needed space on the front terrace at the popular countryside eatery, Yellow Broom.


The Yellow Broom Restaurant at Twemlow Green is one of Cheshire's best known landmarks and treasured restaurants.

Surrounded by lawns, a beautiful secluded south-facing garden and heated terrace, Yellow Broom boasts an idyllic, typical English setting, making it one of the most popular eateries in the area.

In addition to offering breakfast, dinner and evening menus, the venue frequently hosts a wide range of special events, such as weddings, birthdays and society luncheons.

The requirement

The owners of The Yellow Broom were looking to make more of their front terrace. They wanted to create a reception area for special events, where guests could meet and greet each other and casual diners could wait to be seated.

Their vision also included using this dedicated area to provide additional seating in the summer. Being such a popular venue, lack of space was a challenge often faced by the restaurant.

outdoor dining canopies


The main challenge related to the structure of the existing building. The area where the owners were looking to have a canopy installed featured an overhanging balcony.

This design feature needed to be incorporated in to the design of the canopy, as the owners wanted the space beneath the balcony to be fully enclosed. It was clear that a bespoke system was required to effectively incorporate the balcony into the installation.

The Yellow Broom is also in a green belt area, which meant planning permission for the canopy needed to be obtained before any work could take place.

The solution

With planning permission obtained, we still needed to tackle how we were going to factor the balcony into our canopy solution. We achieved this by developing a bespoke system, which involved separating the glazing out into its own framework and installing it beneath the balcony.

We also made it possible for the owners to see what the canopy would look like before it was installed and make any adjustments by providing them with a set of 3D images. These visuals showed them exactly how their design would look once finished.


Yellow Broom’s requirements have been fully met, despite the challenge posed by the balcony, thanks to our industry-leading expertise.

The restaurant now features a sleek Cantabria canopy system that’s been designed to specifically fit within the designated area and is a highly flexible space. Fitted with lights and heating, the canopy can be used all year round by guests and casual diners, regardless of what the weather’s doing.

dining extension
dining extension
dining extension