The Heathland School

Creating sheltered space around the school site for students to sit and enjoy their lunch breaks.


This secondary school had already worked with us in the past and wanted to add to the existing canopies around their site to provide more shelter for students to sit during break times.

The requirement

With the challenges of social distancing and the British weather, the school had outgrown their existing canopies. We needed to identify areas where more shelter could be created without causing obstruction. Connekt was the best option as it could be installed without front posts.


The school wanted to assess the site to find the best locations. One area was ruled out as it was too close to classrooms; it would create noise and affect the lighting. We changed the location to a disused carpark. The lack of front posts means the area can still be used for parking when needed.

The other areas were easier to identify. We designed a canopy to run alongside the building for queuing for the dining areas, and a freestanding canopy on the grass to provide another picnic spot for outdoor socialising and lunches.

The solution

We set about completing the work with minimal impact on the school day. The locations were barriered to create safe working areas that were operational during term time. We kept the canopies matching the same colour as the previous ones. In the three areas we installed:

  • A Connekt canopy on posts with a 3m projection from the wall
  • A Connekt canopy on posts with a 4m projection from the wall
  • A back-to-back Connekt canopy to create a covered picnic area


We managed to create plenty of additional shelter for the school without causing obstruction or losing space. The carpark canopy makes use of a disused area, without sacrificing the overflow parking spaces which are useful for parents’ evenings and events.