St Cyres School, Penarth

St Cyres Secondary School & Sixth Form wanted additional outdoor cover for students during breaktimes.


St Cyres were struggling to provide their students with sheltered outdoor space during breaks and lunchtimes. They needed a solution that would encourage children out of the corridors and canteen areas in order to reduce overcrowding inside, particularly in bad weather.

The requirement

The school needed a canopy that would create a covered outdoor space where students wouldn’t need to worry about poor weather conditions, and that would provide an attractive alternative to staying inside during breaks and lunches.

The challenge

St Cyres wanted to install the canopy system in an open space outside of the main canteen, while minimising the number of posts in the area. This meant that the solution had to be freestanding yet couldn’t take up too much space with obstructing posts that would limit usable ground space. The canopy also had to be aesthetically pleasing in order to appeal to the students as an alternative to remaining indoors.

We also identified a storage area below the ground in a lower level of the school in the proposed area of the canopy system, which would have to be considered before and during the installation.

The solution

We proposed our Connekt umbrella canopy, a free-standing canopy within the popular Connekt range that features a single central post, maximising the sheltered space it provides. Using this unique system meant the canopies only needed one post per canopy, so the usable outdoor space was kept as clear as possible from obstructing columns.

To ensure the installation went as smoothly as possible, we carried out a full site survey to ensure we avoided the ‘basement’ area that was below ground level. Our thorough survey ensured the foundations of the canopy system avoided this area and could be safely installed.


The result was a sleek new canopy system for St Cyres School that met all their needs and was completed as planned. The two free-standing Connekt umbrella canopies offer attractive outdoor shelter for students, alleviating the issue of overcrowding in corridors and the canteen area during breaktimes.

“Canopies UK stand out from the competition as the salesperson attends the site at the first enquiry. They have excellent service with friendly staff, and our enquiry was dealt with in a timely and professional manner.”


Nicola Rees, St Cyres School