Senior Aerospace

Senior Aerospace wanted to protect goods and workers with a new loading bay canopy.


Senior Aerospace reached out to Canopies UK as they needed help addressing weather-related issues in the warehouse during loading and unloading. They wanted a new loading bay canopy that would protect goods and workers coming in and out of the warehouse.

The requirement

Senior Aerospace identified two key issues. Firstly, during adverse weather, they were finding that water from rainfall was causing damage to both the product and the packaging during loading and unloading. Secondly, there were issues with water ingress; water making its way into the warehouse during loading was making the floor slippery for staff and causing a potential safety hazard.

We needed to find a way to help Senior Aerospace eliminate these issues with a solution that ensured the safe and efficient handling of goods no matter the weather conditions.

The challenge

The chosen canopy had to prevent water damage to products and packaging while helping to maintain staff safety on wet surfaces.

The main challenge was the need to cover a large span of loading bay doors, particularly with height considerations in mind. Senior Aerospace also needed a canopy design that would minimise the number of supporting posts in order to enhance manoeuvrability in the loading area.

The solution

The proposed solution was a Connekt loading bay canopy system. We conducted a site visit to assess the loading bay doors and make sure we were providing the best possible solution.

The chosen canopy uses a cantilevered design supported by a crossbar arrangement post at the rear, effectively eliminating the need for supporting posts. In order to get around the issue of the spans of the loading bay doors coupled with their height, we built the canopy system using a ‘train track’ type steel frame that spans between two main columns. This allows for the attachment of roof beams and means we only needed two supporting posts in total.


The loading bay canopy for Senior Aerospace means goods are now shielded from water damage during poor weather, preserving the product’s integrity and packaging. Additionally, the canopy also helps minimise water getting into the warehouse during rainy weather by effectively sheltering staff. This enhances the overall safety of Senior Aerospace’s operations.

The canopy’s unique cantilevered solution demonstrates Canopies UK’s expertise in delivering bespoke and effective canopy solutions. The loading bay canopy not only resolved Senior Aerospace’s challenges but also underscored the company’s commitment to safety and efficient operations.