Lady Edith’s, Scarborough

We worked with Yorkshire Housing Space Homes on door canopies for their new build homes.


We were contacted by Termrim Construction Ltd on behalf of Yorkshire Housing Space Homes. We needed to supply all the door canopies for Lady Edith’s, a brand-new housing development.

The requirement

We were required to manufacture and supply a total of 49 door canopies for 2 and 3-bedroom new build homes at Lady Edith’s housing development.

The challenge

We needed to install canopies in two styles that complemented the slightly different styles of homes on the development. As this was a straightforward supply-only job and the canopies were installed by the contractor, we didn’t come up against any installation challenges.

The solution

We produced canopies in two different styles. We used our Rochester 1800, an eye-catching canopy with a tile-effect sloping roof, and our Dorchester 1580, an apex door canopy with a similar tile effect. The contractor installed them on-site in the required time frames.


We worked well with the client on a call-off basis. All the canopies were delivered on time and of a high quality.