Incredible Kids Day Nursery


Incredible Kids Day Nursery provides childcare for babies, toddlers and pre-school aged children. It currently has two nurseries, one in Derby and the second, in Hilton.

I couldn’t be happier with the project and would like to thank everybody at Canopies UK for achieving my deadline.

Samantha Corbin, Founder and owner of Incredible Kids

The requirement

The nursery’s founder and owner approached us to create an outdoor play area within the activity area at the Hilton site.

The idea behind the area was that it could be enjoyed by the children, whatever the weather.

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The outdoor play area needed to be safe and obstruction free to enable the children to play freely on their scooters and bike within the space.

A wooden canopy was already in place, but it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing and had posts at the front of the structure, which impacted the children’s overall play experience.

As well as providing a safe playing area, we needed to turn the canopy around in just four weeks, ready for the nursery’s grand opening.

The solution

We installed an 8.5 metre-long Connekt cantilever canopy on vertical brackets, which meant the steelwork was attached to the wall and safely out of the children’s way.

The design of the canopy, which has a four-metre projection, also created a free-flowing area due to the fact there are no posts at the front.

We installed the canopy in just 1.5 days, which meant the nursery was able to unveil the new sheltered play zone at its opening event.

We worked tirelessly as a team, and with other parties, to ensure the canopy was designed, manufactured and installed on time.


The owner is planning to buy further canopies from us in the near future for the other nurseries that are within the Incredible Kids chain. In the meantime, the children at the Hilton site have a safe, sheltered space where they can play, come wind, rain or shine.

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