Hill Top Primary School

Creating a safe, sheltered outdoor area for early years classes to enjoy all year round.


This primary school wanted to link the doorways of their early years classrooms to create a shared outdoor classroom for use in all weathers.

The requirement

The school’s early years classrooms had separate entrances and no outdoor shelter. The aim was to create a play area where the children could take part in outdoor activities all year round. The school’s building surveyor approached us to survey the site and produce the designs.


The main challenge was the connection between the play area and the access door. The access door was in a recessed walkway area which we needed to get around.

The solution

We introduced a double cantilever style canopy to link the doorway to the main outdoor play canopy. The covered play area was created using our Connekt canopy system, ticking all the boxes of the school’s requirement, including:

1) A fixed roof that allows light in

2) UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays

3) No posts which pose obstacles for small children

4) The option to have their desired colour choice

5) Full site specific structural calculations for wind and snow loads


Bradford City Council only allow canopy installations where the safety of the structure can be verified by a structural engineer. Jamie, the school’s building surveyor who is employed by the council, had already spoken to some companies who would not provide the required calculations.

We were to be able to offer a solution for this school where other companies could not. Not only does the school now have the canopy their kids can enjoy all year round, but they have complete peace of mind it’s built to withstand all weathers.