Gravel Hill Primary School

Gravel Hill Primary School wanted two canopies installing where parents could wait at the end of the day.


Gravel Hill Primary School in Bexleyheath reached out to us as they wanted to install two parent waiting canopies at the front of the school. The school had a dedicated waiting space but this was unsheltered and open to the elements, making waiting during poor weather an issue.

The requirement

The school wanted to create a covered area where parents could wait at the front of the school. The school had already fenced and gated off an area at the front entrance to the school where parents could wait without interfering with the rest of the school playground, but this area needed to be useable all year round, no matter the weather.

The challenge

The canopy chosen was too small to cover the space, so we knew that it would need to be adapted before the canopy was installed.

It was also important to the school that the canopy system was sympathetic to the rest of the school and fit in well. This meant specifically choosing a canopy that matched the curved designs used throughout the rest of the school buildings and ensuring that the colour was matched to the school’s existing theme.

The solution

Two Olympus canopies were chosen as the solution for this project. This system was ideal as it fit in well with the existing curved designs used throughout the site.

We adapted the Olympus canopy to provide a span large enough to cover the required space. The Olympus normally only spans 6 metres, we specially made steelwork that could accommodate the 7.2 metre span needed.

To ensure the framework of the canopy matched with the school’s current green theme, we offered a bespoke colour service. The roofing spars are normally only available in white or grey, but our bespoke service ensured we could colour-match the canopy to the green shade needed.


The canopy was installed on time and to a tight schedule. We installed the canopy across the summer holidays in order to ensure no disruption to the school’s operations. Gravel Hill Primary School were very pleased with the service from start to finish, and the parents love their new waiting area. It means that poor weather is no longer an issue when waiting to pick up students at the end of the school day.

“A huge thank you to Canopies UK for the amazing work building not one but TWO canopies over the summer break! An excellent service throughout. We are excited for our children to return to school and see them!”


Gravel Hill Primary School