Grand Avenue Primary School

The school wanted a bright, multicoloured play area canopy along the rear face of the school.


We were approached by the School Business Manager of Grand Avenue Primary School, who wanted us to produce a bright and colourful canopy for the school’s outdoor play area.

The requirement

The school wanted a bold, statement play area that would help the children make the most of their time outside during break and play times.

We needed to create a colourful and inviting outdoor covered area that would not only look good but would offer a sheltered place for year-round play. The materials used needed to be long lasting and maintenance free.

The challenge

We found that there were underground drains along the rear face of the school building, so our main challenge was to install the posts and foundations for the canopy around them, while also avoiding the window and door openings.

Another challenge was that the canopy could not be fixed to the school building itself. This meant we needed to create a free-standing structure that was also free from front posts, so that the children could utilise the vast outdoor space without obstruction.

The solution

We installed posts that sat against the rear of the school building before we attached our Connekt cantilevered canopy to create the new covered outdoor play area. The canopy was therefore able to sit almost flush to the school building without being directly fixed to the structure itself.

This also means the front of the canopy was left free from supporting posts that would get in the way of children’s playtime, making more room to enjoy the outdoor space.

To ensure an eye-catching result that appealed to the children, the canopy was created in bold, primary shades of blue, red, yellow and green.


The completed canopy provides multipurpose shelter as well as a colourful and inviting outdoor space for children to enjoy.

Our maintenance-free system proved an ideal option, with galvanised and powder-coated steelwork as well as a no-maintenance fibreglass canopy ensuring the system will last for years to come.

While the school had already been in touch with several different canopy suppliers, we were able to offer the ideal solution, and both the school and governors were delighted with the end result.

“Everyone is so impressed”

“I want to say a big thank you for installing the canopy. It looks amazing, everyone is so impressed with it.”


Hannah Gamble, School Business manager, Grand Avenue Primary & Nursery School