Gladesmore Community School

The school wanted two new canopies to provide outdoor cover at breaktimes.


London-based secondary school, Gladesmore Community School, reached out to us as they wanted two canopies installed. The canopies would provide some much-needed outdoor cover for students during breaktimes.

The requirement

The two canopies required were to serve two unique purposes. One was to provide cover outside of the tuck shop in order to create a covered serving and queuing space. The other was to be located at the side of the sports hall, creating a covered outdoor seating area that could be used by students during break times and lunches, in all weather.

The challenge

The installation of the canopies had to be carried out during school time, while pupils were on-site. We knew we needed to keep this in mind when carrying out our initial calculations to ensure the pupils’ safety.

One of the canopies needed to be installed above a ramped area which would require special attention for the method of installation. Additionally, on the site of the second canopy, we found there were conduits running along the building that couldn’t be relocated. This would also need to be kept in mind during the installation.

The solution

We visited the site to discuss the options available and find a perfect solution to suit the needs of the school. For this project, the best solution was two Connekt canopy systems on vertical brackets, which were fixed to the buildings.

We successfully installed the first canopy while paying particular attention to the ramped area. For the second canopy, we carefully designed brackets with additional clearance to ensure the canopy fit seamlessly around the conduits that ran along the building.

Given that children would be in the area during the installation, we provided site-specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements to ensure site safety was at the forefront of the project. We also used Herras fencing to completely cordon the areas off from the students and ensure their safety while the canopy was installed.

The school wanted the canopies to blend in with their existing grey colour scheme. We colour-matched the framework to the specific shade required to ensure the canopies felt and looked like a cohesive part of the school buildings.


The two canopy systems were installed on time and to the specifications of Gladesmore Community School. The canopies mean the students now have two additional covered outdoor spaces: one that provides some much-needed shelter while queuing and shopping at the tuck shop, and another that offers seating space for breaks and lunchtimes, no matter the weather.