Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The Countess of Chester Hospital needed a covered walkway to offer protection to both staff and equipment when moving between buildings.


We were contacted by the Countess of Chester Hospital in Chester. The hospital needed to provide a covered walkway so staff could safely and efficiently move between two hospital buildings while remaining sheltered from the elements.

In addition, the hospital beds used for patient transportation are equipped with sensitive electrical components, so protecting them from rain damage was of utmost importance. To address these challenges, we needed to create a covered walkway system using a Connekt canopy system. This would offer protection to staff and help safeguard the hospital’s valuable medical equipment.

The requirement

The primary requirement for this project was to create a covered walkway connecting two hospital buildings. The hospital identified the following two key aspects:

  1. Weather protection: The hospital needed a solution that would protect staff and medical equipment from rain, ensuring that the hospital beds fitted with electrical components remained dry during transport.
  2. Safe and efficient mobility: The covered walkway would improve staff mobility by eliminating the need to navigate through busy areas of the hospital while transporting bulky materials and beds.

The canopy had to be designed with a complex pathway and different support requirements in mind.

The challenge

There were several challenges that emerged during the planning and design phase of the canopy project. One was the previously mentioned complex pathway; the proposed walkway had two bends, making it more complex than a straight-line structure. The pathway also featured varying different heights and required side panels for full enclosure.

Similarly, different sections of the walkway needed different support structures. Some areas required wall-mounted vertical supports while others needed freestanding post supports.

The solution

We designed and implemented a tailored solution for the Countess of Chester Hospital using our Connekt canopy system. A highly adaptable canopy system, the Connket was the perfect solution for the hospital, allowing us to seamlessly navigate the bends, heights and contours of the path.

We used a combination of wall-mounted vertical supports and freestanding post supports. We also used angled connections to effectively navigate the corners.

Finally, we incorporated side panels into the design to create an enclosed covered space. This added layer of protection ensures that the walkway beneath stays dry and functional in all weather conditions – and hospital equipment and staff are effectively protected from the elements.


The project was very successful and resulted in some great benefits for the Countess of Chester Hospital. The covered walkway increases staff mobility, allowing hospital staff to move safely between buildings. The hospital equipment with electrical components is also protected, with the canopy solution preventing rain damage during transportation.

“A very impressive job completed by your team, and a great product.”

Kev Higham, Project Manager, Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust