Ceetak Ltd

How we provided Ceetak Ltd with a Connekt loading bay for their busy collection and drop off point.


Ceetak is the UK’s leading provider of sealing solutions, providing detailed technical and engineering support for applications such as oil sealing, gas sealing and heat sealing solutions.

The requirement

Ceetak Limited required a large loading bay canopy that would provide a weatherproof area for loading and unloading delivery vehicles. They also wanted to use the space as an extra area for outdoor storage, an overflow area whilst the warehouse was organised to accommodate any deliveries.


The main challenge of the project was to provide a large canopy system without any front posts, allowing delivery vehicles and fork lift trucks easy and free flowing access to the loading area, without any posts to restrict or bump into.

Another requirement was the overall height of the system. the canopy would have to be high enough for any large delivery vehicle to fit underneath, as well as wide enough so not to obstruct the delivery door opening.

loading bay canopies

The solution

Our modular Connekt canopy system was chosen as an ideal product for the area as the cantilevered aspect of the design was a major advantage – no posts at the front.

Our in-house structural engineer designed a bespoke system, designing a large canopy that could be bolted down to the existing reinforced concrete. The chosen canopy featured 8 posts in total, 2 of which are specially designed “P posts”, which are designed to overcome large widths, such as the large delivery door opening on this project.


The project at Ceetak Limited was completed on time, with minimal disruption and is now being put to good use as a busy loading area for collections and drop offs.

The colour of the canopy system had to match the building, and with our bespoke colour matching service this was done without a problem.

The height of the system had to be raised to allow full height delivery vehicles (Up to 5m high) to be able to pass through and utilize the loading bay area. The client can now load and unload in all weathers whilst leaving the loading bay doors open and not be hampered by the varying UK weather conditions.

loading bay canopies
loading bay canopies
industrial loading bay canopy