Beaconsfield Primary School

Beaconsfield Primary School wanted to increase dining capacity with a new canopy


Beaconsfield Primary School reached out to us after building a new dining hall. The hall had limited capacity, so they wanted to extend the space with the use of an outdoor canopy system.

The requirement

The school wanted to create a fully enclosed, covered outdoor area that could be used as additional dining space all year round, no matter the weather. They’d just had a dining hall built but it had limited capacity, so they wanted the canopy to act as an extension of the existing space.

The challenge

The main challenge during installation was the groundworks in the proposed area, which sloped away from the building at varying levels. We knew that we would need to take this into account during the planning and installation and work with necessary contractors to ensure that the base was level.

The solution

The proposed solution for the school was a Cantabria canopy system, complete with heating, lighting, external drainage and vinyl flooring. With its retractable roof and enclosed sides, the Cantabria offers a versatile solution for the need for additional dining space that can be used in all weathers.

We discussed the requirements with the school and put together a proposal to suit the school’s specific needs. We also engaged with an architect to put together the planning permission. We then worked alongside a groundwork contractor to re-level the ground in the area the canopy was to be installed. This introduced a level concrete base as well as perimeter drainage.

We used our bespoke colour matching to ensure the colour scheme matched the shade of grey on the newly built school building. This ensured the canopy was sympathetic and cohesive with its surroundings.


The end result is an effective and stylish new canopy system that offers Beaconsfield Primary School the additional dining space they were looking for. With its retractable roof, the Cantabria can be opened up to allow ventilation in summer and closed to offer shelter in the wetter months. As a multi-use system, the Cantabria can also be used outside of lunch times as additional teaching and learning space.