Bay Primary School

The school needed a canopy to provide cover for students when playing outside.


Bay Primary School were struggling for outdoor space and wanted to introduce a new, sheltered area. The school identified the need for an outdoor canopy and reached out to us to provide a solution.

The requirement

The school needed a canopy that would allow for continued outdoor play throughout the seasons. The canopy would provide a dry, covered area where children would be protected from wet weather. The canopy would also provide some shade for students during the hotter summer months.

The challenge

The school had an existing fabric roof shade sail type canopy, which would need to be taken down before the new canopy could be installed in its place.

The school wanted to avoid posts where possible to avoid limiting the space available for children to play. There were two existing posts in the play area, so we needed to remove them and restore the flooring beneath.

The canopy also needed to compliment the area in which it was being installed and be in line with the school’s blue and yellow colour scheme.

The solution

With the requirements in mind, and knowing we needed to be mindful of obstructing space on the playground, we decided that the Connekt cantilever on posts option worked best for Bay Primary School.

We offer a takedown service as part of our package of works, so we removed the existing fabric canopy and the two existing posts from the play area. The flooring was a soft pour finish, which we reinstated for the school after the removal of the posts.

Due to our bespoke product, we were able to offer an alternating blue and yellow colour scheme which perfectly complimented the school’s existing theme.


Pupils at Bay Primary School now have a dedicated, sheltered outdoor area where they are protected from the elements. This means the children can enjoy more outdoor play throughout the year without being limited by the weather.