Allestree Woodlands School

We transformed the outdoor spaces at Allestree Woodlands School in Derby with the installation of three custom canopies.


We were approached by Adey Greaves, the School Business Manager at Allestree Woodlands School in Derby, to address the growing issue of usable outdoor space at the school. The school had a great amount of outdoor space but it lacked proper sheltered spots for students, making outdoor socialising and activities challenging in unpredictable weather conditions.

The requirement

Allestree Woodlands School needed some new outdoor covered areas for students to escape unpredictable weather while enhancing outdoor learning and socialising. There were three different spaces that were identified as areas that would benefit from shelter.

  • A large AstroTurf area that could be used for outdoor dining and socialising
  • An area outside the PE changing rooms for use during PE lessons and for sheltered boot removal after outdoor lessons and games
  • An additional dining space adjacent to the dining hall, where benches could be used by the students in all weathers

The challenge

One significant challenge was the limited access to some areas for materials. Two of the spaces lacked nearby vehicle access, meaning we had to manually transport materials and come up with some creative solutions for installation. Despite these challenges, the team was determined to deliver.

The solution

We proposed the installation of three Connekt canopies, each tailored to suit its designated area. The Connekt system, known for its modular design and versatility, perfectly addressed the school’s needs.

  • For the large canopy on the AstroTurf, a Back-to-Back Connekt solution was used, with central posts and projections on either side.
  • Outside the PE changing rooms, a Connekt canopy supported by posts against the building provided the coverage needed.
  • The additional dining space utilised a Connekt canopy without posts at the front edge, ensuring unobstructed outdoor seating.


The project was extremely successful, and Allestree Woodlands School now enjoys versatile outdoor spaces that provide shade and shelter in all weather conditions. Students have immediately benefited from these canopies, enhancing their overall school experience and promoting more outdoor activities, no matter the weather.

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“A seamless process. All visits were carried out when we were told they would be, all paperwork was provided in a timely manner, and the work was carried out with efficiency by a quality team.

It has been heartening to see the students making use of the canopies. They are a really good addition to the school fabric.”

Adey Greaves, School Business Manager, Allestree Woodlands School