Albany Academy

We helped Albany Academy protect its entrance area from the rain, helping students stay dry and preventing water damage to the school’s flooring.


Albany Academy faced issues with water damage affecting the flooring in one of the school walkways. An entrance door was open for most of the school day, which caused the carpet to become wet during poor weather. Students lining up to enter the school were also exposed to rain. The school wanted a solution that would protect this entrance area from the elements.

The requirement

The main objective was to provide a sheltered area at the entrance. This would prevent water from entering the school while also protecting students from the rain as they queued to enter. This sheltered area would help avoid further damage to the flooring and boost the overall functionality and comfort of the entrance area.

The challenge

The entrance was located on a raised staircase, which presented a unique set of challenges. We couldn’t use posts at the front or the back of the canopy due to space constraints and the need to keep the area clear. Additionally, the masonry available for mounting was limited to the back on the left-hand side, and on the side of the right elevation. We had to come up with a creative solution to ensure that the canopy was effective and not obstructive.

The solution

We proposed a Connekt canopy on verts as an ideal solution for Albany Academy. Our wall-mounted cantilever option was the most suited to this project as it leveraged the brickwork at the rear for support. This approach meant we didn’t need posts at the front or the back, which would have obstructed the staircase. To address the limitations due to the masonry, side support brackets were used to secure the canopy. This design was innovative and ensured that the entrance remained clear and functional, while also providing the protection needed from the weather.


The installation of the Connekt canopy was completed successfully and without any issues. The new sheltered area now provides a dry and comfortable space for students to queue, effectively preventing further water damage to the flooring. The entrance area has been significantly improved in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, offering a practical solution that perfectly meets the school’s needs.