Plastic Carport, Door & Roof Canopy Installation: All You Need to Know

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If you’re thinking about having a plastic canopy or carport installed at your home, you might have a few questions on how the whole process works and where to even begin.

But don’t worry, our experts at Canopies UK can help guide you through every necessary step so that you can add a stylish and effective plastic canopy roof or plastic door canopy to your home in no time at all, without any worry or stress!


Why choose a plastic canopy?

Before you begin to think about the type of canopy you want or where you’d like it to be placed on your property, you’ll want to know exactly why a plastic canopy is the best option available.

We use Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) for all our canopies because the composite material is strong and durable enough to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Its light weight makes it ideal for use with our unique cantilevered design and beam profile, for a weatherproof plastic canopy roof across driveways, front doors, patios and paths.

There’s also no limit to the length of the canopy using this material, meaning that you could even have a full plastic canopy wrapping around the entire length of your home. It is available in white, brown and light oak, so you can easily match it to the design of your home.


Booking a plastic canopy survey

Once you’ve decided to add a plastic canopy to your home, the next step is to simply make an appointment with one of our qualified surveyors. They’ll travel to your property to discuss your requirements and allow you to make an informed decision about the placement of your carport or canopy.

Once you’re happy with the proposed arrangements, your surveyor will provide you with a full price breakdown so that you can place your order right away.

All you then need to do is look out for a confirmation letter in the post to say that your order has been processed, usually within 10 working days.

From this point on, we take care of absolutely everything. Should you have any questions or enquiries during this period, our customer service team are available to lend a helping hand.


Preparing your plastic canopy installation

The surveyor will take a close look at every aspect of your property, checking the structure of the building to ensure it is fit for purpose and examining the condition of the brickwork to make sure it can support the plastic canopy.

Their role is to make all the preparations for the installation team, so they’ll be making sure that access to the property isn’t restricted, determining whether adjustments need to be made for the terrain (for example if the driveway slopes away), and checking drainage will be appropriate for any excess water from the roof.

Once your order has been processed, our installation team will contact you to confirm a suitable time to erect the plastic canopy at your home. Remember, if their suggestion isn’t convenient, you can always request a day that fits with your schedule.

All potential obstacles will have been highlighted in advance, so unless there are any exceptional weather conditions such as strong winds, installations are typically completed within six weeks of the initial survey.


Installing your plastic canopy

Our installers are highly skilled at their jobs and will work hard to get your plastic canopy up in an efficient, timely manner. Some projects take just half a day, while others can take a couple of days depending on the size.

Rest assured that our team know exactly what they’re doing and will take good care of your property, always cleaning up thoroughly after themselves. Commenting on the quality of our workmen, Mrs Berrington of Widnes said:

“From the moment they arrived until the moment they left, they worked non-stop to a very high standard. Nothing appeared to be too much trouble and they were a great help in many small ways.”

Mr and Mrs Bacon also praised how clean and efficient our team are, noting how they did a super, professional job, cleaning up as they went along.

You don’t even need to be at home when we work, although we do recommend that you are, just in case we need access to certain areas of the property and for your own peace of mind.


Enjoying your new plastic canopy

With your installation complete in a short time, you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of your new plastic canopy or carport sooner than you think.

Mr and Mrs Maddock were very impressed with how the whole project was completed from start to finish within a six-week time frame. Happy with every stage of the process and the professionalism of all the contact they had with Canopies UK, they said:

“We feel very satisfied with all our dealings with all of your staff we had the pleasure of dealing with, and would not hesitate in recommending anyone who wanted a canopy to you.”

Why not take a look at our range of plastic canopies for your home or garden now, and see how they can transform your property? Or go ahead and book a survey to see how we can enhance your property, with no obligation to buy.