Payment Plans

We want you to have the outdoor canopy you want, not the canopy that your budget will stretch to.

That’s why we offer payment plans to help you effortlessly spread the cost of your canopy over an agreed period of time.

Available for all of our home and garden canopies, the plans also mean you can have a canopy straightaway without having to worry about immediately finding the money for it.

Five reasons to use our payment plans

1. You don’t have to find any initial capital outlay

This means you can have the canopy of your choice now, rather than compromising on your current environment by having to wait for the capital to become available.

2. You can accurately factor your canopy cost into your finances.

The payments are fixed for the period of the agreement, so you can accurately budget for your canopy and don’t have to worry about any nasty payment-related surprises cropping up.

3. You can repay the cost as little or as much as you like.

Our plans are totally flexible and can be tailored to reflect your circumstances and requirements. The don’t even have to be the same amount. You can underpay and overpay, and the remaining balance will be spread over the remaining term.

4. And you can make payments when’s best for you too.

You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. We have a payment package to suit all requirements and budgets.

5. You can also defer your payments.

If you’ve run out of budget, our Buy Now Pay Later deferred plan means you can still have your canopy immediately. What’s more, the payments won’t start until your new budget becomes available.

Our guarantees

We are proud to offer a ten-year installation and labour guarantee on all of our home canopy products.

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