Everything You Need to Know About Glass Verandas

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Glass verandas are great for transforming outdoor space and creating the perfect haven for entertaining family and friends. All of our glass verandas are tailor-made to suit your needs, giving you an additional space that can be used in all weathers.

How much does a glass veranda cost?

All of our glass verandas are specifically designed to meet your needs. To help us create a quote that is bespoke to you, our qualified surveyor will visit you to take measurements of your property and discuss your requirements. The survey is free and will give our team the information they need to produce a design and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

To give you a rough idea of price, an average sized veranda would be around £5,000 with polycarbonate roof and £6,000 with a glass roof, including VAT, to design, create and install.


Do I need planning permission for a glass canopy?

It’s unlikely that you will need planning permission for a glass canopy.

You would only need planning permission if you wanted to install a veranda that was greater than 50% of your home’s ground floor space. If you are concerned that your glass veranda may be larger than the accepted size, our surveyor will be able to discuss this with you during the site survey.

In most cases, you do not need planning permission for a glass canopy because the canopy is almost always smaller than half the ground floor space of the property. In the instance that you did need planning permission for your canopy, our team would help you apply as part of the survey and design process.


Are there any size restrictions regarding the veranda size?

Every one of our glass verandas are bespoke and uniquely-designed to satisfy our customers’ needs.

You are free to decide how big or small you would like your veranda to be. You will also be given the chance to discuss the size of your glass veranda with our surveyor during the initial free site survey. Sometimes, our surveyor may recommend that you reduce or increase the size of your veranda to better fit the size or shape of your property.


Will installing a veranda increase the value of my home?

Installing a veranda has the potential to increase the value of your home and make your property more attractive to potential buyers. By adding a veranda, you’ll be able to instantly transform your property and create a living area that can be used all-year round.

What are your glass verandas made of?

Our glass verandas are made from a perfect combination of aluminium for the frame and toughened glass roofing panels. They are also available with polycarbonate roofs. The aluminium frame is durable, rust resistant and powder-coated to guarantee a stylish and quality finish that lasts.


What colours can I choose from?

Our standard colours and most popular are white, anthracite and ivory, but you can choose whatever colour you like. All you have to do is provide us with a RAL code and our designers will do the rest for you (please note: there is an additional charge for this service).


How long will it take for my glass veranda to be installed?

It will take around 6 to 8 weeks for your glass veranda to be designed, built and installed. Once you’ve told us you’d like one of our glass verandas, our surveyor will visit your property to take measurements and discuss your requirements. This information will then be passed on to our design team who will draw a glass veranda that’s bespoke to you.

Your veranda will be tailor-made from first-class materials in our factory before finally being installed at your property. Installation will take around a day to complete and be carried out by one of our engineers. We will work hard to make sure that any disruption is minimal.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our products, contact us today or request a free survey.