15 Winter Garden Design Ideas

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15 Winter Garden Design Ideas

When summer comes to an end and the days start getting colder and shorter, it can feel a bit depressing and gloomy. The sun has set on the summer. However, if you have a garden, there are still plenty of ways to get outside and enjoy it, even in winter.

Gardens are places where we relax, unwind, and spend time with family and friends. When the BBQ and paddling pool has been packed away, it’s time to get creative and think of new ways to enjoy the outdoors, including warming up and catering to the wildlife.

garden patio seating

Here are 15 winter garden design ideas:

patio heater

1. Patio heaters

These come in compact and larger sizes and make it possible to use your patio seating in dry, cold weather. Entertaining outdoors is always special and doesn’t need to be saved for a hot day.

fairy lights

2. Solar lights

Garden lamps and lighting decorate the space and makes it appealing at night. Solar lights store energy from the sun and are completely free to run.

fire pit

3. Firepit

Gathering round a firepit on a wintry night is a magical way to spend an evening. Firepits are a garden staple now and come in chimney and bowl form. Most can be moved around and many double as BBQs for summer.

4. Carports

Protect your car and your family from the elements with a carport. Carports are useful places to hang washing and store items you want to keep dry.

winter pansies

5. Window boxes

Add a dash of winter colour to your home with floral window boxes. Plants like pansies and cyclamen flower through the winter and are great for adding colour to pots and beds before the bulbs come up in spring. See more winter flowering plants in this article from Country Living.

6. Storage

When the weather turns cold, it’s time to pack away summer furniture, outdoor cushions, and anything else that won’t stand up to cold temperatures and wet weather. Investing in a compact shed or outdoor storage unit keeps your garden furniture and tools in great condition.

festive winter garden decorations

7. Festive decorations

Giving your garden a makeover with festive decorations adds some cheer to your garden and makes it an inviting place to spend time. They don’t need to be Christmas themed – fairy lights work nicely all year round and instantly uplift a space.

berries holly

8. Evergreen shrubs

Winter gardens can feel quite sparse when the leaves drop and the perennial plants die back. Evergreen shrubs inject a bit of greenery back into your garden and many are low maintenance. See 17 of the best evergreen shrubs from Gardener’s World.

9. Glass verandas

An elegant alternative to conservatories, glass verandas create shelter adjoining your home that can be used all year round in good conditions. Turn it into a plant haven, a spot for lounging and reading, a dining area, or whatever else you fancy!


10. Hedgehog habitat

The British hedgehog is under threat due to shrinking habitats and increased road traffic. Why not turn your garden into a safe haven for a hedgehog family? Creating a wild corner, making your pond safe and creating links to other gardens are some of the things you can do. Get more information in this guide by the British Hedgehog Society.

bird feeder

11. Feed the birds

Garden birds need our help too. This is a simple as putting out a bird table or fat balls and enjoying watching them come and visit. Birdbaths make great viewing as well.

garden candle lantern

12. Candle holders

Outdoor candle hangers and lanterns area a beautiful addition to a garden and set the mood for any outdoor entertaining.


13. Greenhouse

For keen gardeners, a greenhouse is a great investment. It allows you to continue growing a wider range of veg and plants through winter and provides a place to protect vulnerable plants from frost.

pizza oven

14. Pizza oven

Outdoor pizza ovens have become more accessible recently as they have risen in popularity. There are lots of portable options, fuelled by pellets to give that delicious wood-fired taste.

hot tub

15. Hot tub

A hot tub is a rather extravagant investment but well worth it if it’s possible. Covering your hot tub with a shelter ensures you can use it come rain, shine or snow!

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these winter garden design ideas and you’ve been inspired for your own home. Are you interested in creating shelter for entertaining at home? Find out about glass verandas and patio canopies for your garden.