Different uses for Carports and Patio Canopies – 6 Carport Ideas

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6 Carport Ideas – Getting the most from your carport or patio canopy

Investing in a carport for your home is a great way to make use of your outdoors and protect your vehicles. A carport protects your car, van or mobile home from rain, sleet, snow and the sun’s harmful UV rays. It means you never have to rained on getting in and out of your vehicle again.

Despite the name, a carport is useful for much more than protecting your car. Having a patio canopy or carport that spans the side of your home gives you plenty of space to conduct daily activities without being rained on. Your carport can become a focal point of your driveway or garden, in fact.

Look at these carport ideas to see what we mean.


CARPORT IDEA 1: Enjoy a sheltered seating area

Getting some fresh air makes all the difference to your day, whatever the weather is doing. Having a carport means you always have somewhere dry to sit, come rain or shine. Having an outdoor sheltered area means you can invest in some comfortable garden furniture without worrying it’s going to get damaged by the rain.


CARPORT IDEA 2: Create a potting shed

When you’re repotting house plants or planting seeds for your garden, you need to do it somewhere sheltered where there’s not too much exposure to cold gusts. Having a potting bench under your carport along the side of your home is the ideal place, protecting your plants from the elements.


CARPORT IDEA 3: Install a washing line

Air dried clothes and linens are much more satisfying than tumble dried laundry. Living in the UK, we don’t always have the luxury of dry weather. That’s why a carport is so useful, as it provides the perfect structure to house an outdoor sheltered washing line. You’ll be able to leave your washing out to dry without worrying you’ll have to rush to bring it in should it rain.


CARPORT IDEA 4: Create a safe play area

If you’ve got children or grandchildren, you’ll appreciate how handy it is having somewhere safe they can play outdoors. With a large enough carport, it’s possible to fence a section off and create a play area for the kids. Perhaps your kids have always wanted a sandpit, play tent or a soft play matt? Now you can let them enjoy these toys outdoors without worrying they will get spoiled by wet weather.


CARPORT IDEA 5: Build a dry wood store

If you’re lucky enough to have a wood burner at home, you’ll know what a pain it is when you unexpectedly run out of wood during the evening. Stop this from happening by building your very own dry wood store under your carport. Safe from the rain and warm against the side of your house, you’ll have a constant supply of logs ready to go straight on the fire.


CARPORT IDEA 6: Store essentials outdoors

The longer we live in a property, the more we seem to acquire. Making space for everything, particularly those things we use less often, is a challenge. Having a carport provides that added square footage of dry, usable floorspace. Compact outdoor storage boxes allow you to lock away valuable items securely.

We hope these carport ideas have got you thinking about all the ways a patio canopy or carport could make your life easier. Ultimately, it’s down to you how you plan to use it. There’s no end to the ways sheltered areas can add to your home and improve your outdoor space. Chat to us about your carport ideas by getting in touch.

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