Garden improvements that add value to your property

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The garden improvements that add value to your property

We might not always have the weather on our side, but we’re a nation of garden lovers. Some grow flowers and veg, while others enjoy the low maintenance life and having somewhere peaceful to sit.

Our love of relaxing outdoors makes gardens valuable selling points for homes. In a survey by Foxtons Estate Agents, 62% of people said a garden or outdoor space is important to them when house hunting.

If you’re luckily enough to have a garden, how you keep it determines how much impact it has on your home’s value. Read on to see the garden improvements that add value to your property. garden-shed

A shed or outhouse

Every household understands the struggle that is finding room for everyone’s belongings. Having an outdoor building – even a simple shed – increases the value of your home. The extra room to store tools, toys, chairs, and rarely used items is something homebuyers look for, particularly families.

Patio or paving

Paved patios look great and require minimal maintenance. If you have a patio or paved area already, it’s worth keeping it in good condition. Jet washing removes weeds, moss and slime build up that causes discolouring. A smart patio is a selling point, whereas a decrepit one might put a buyer off.


Alfresco dining area  

We might not have many opportunities to eat outdoors in the UK, but we jump at the chance when we do! Having somewhere to sit outside to drink, eat, and relax is a big selling point. Having a sheltered dining area that can be used many more days of the year is even better.

Secure boundary

Having well maintained fences or walls makes a property look neat and tidy. The security a boundary provides is especially important for families with children and pet owning homes. It can be useful to do any small repairs to gates and walls, and give them a lick of paint, before selling your home.


High appeal, low maintenance

Gardens that look stylish and welcoming, but are low maintenance, are top of the list for many buyers. Many people struggle to find time for gardening but want to enjoy their outdoor space. Having a garden that doesn’t take much work (not much lawn, perennial plants, hardy shrubs, durable patio) is something that has broad appeal amongst homeowners.

Small but perfectly formed

 Lockdown has seen us in our homes much more than normal. This has increased the attention paid to outdoor space. And with home sizes shrinking over the years, people have got creative. We’ve decorated balconies, courtyards, and made front gardens into places to sit and grow plants.

While a small garden or courtyard makeover might not add thousands to an asking price, it may well swing buyers who had previously overlooked this outdoor space as unusable.


Curb appeal

Whatever the size, one of the easiest garden improvements to add value to your property is a quick spruce and tidy. Cutting the grass, clearing weeds, painting woodwork and dressing with pots – these are all ways to instantly lift the overall look of your home and garden. The lovelier your garden looks, the more buyers will picture themselves enjoying it.

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