Do you need planning permission for a garden canopy?

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Do you need planning permission for a garden canopy?

The short answer is no. It’s unlikely you’ll need planning permission for a home or garden canopy, unless it’s very large or you already have additions to the property’s floorplan.

Canopies are considered extensions and their dimensions must fall within the “permitted development” allowance every home has. The allowance is 50% of the total original footprint of the building. If your proposed canopy or extension is under this allowance, you don’t need permission.

NB: If your home is listed or in a conservation area, you may need permission regardless of the size.

At what size would you need planning permission for a garden canopy?

If the surface area of your proposed canopy (plus any previous extensions) is greater than 50% of the floor space of your home, then you need planning permission. However, this is an unlikely scenario. To build a canopy to cover a vehicle or patio, the plans typically fall within the “permitted development” area where planning permission isn’t necessary.

Can the garden canopy be anywhere on the property?

There are restrictions on fitting a canopy too near a highway or road, which means some homeowners wouldn’t be permitted to install a canopy on the front of their home. Any construction must be at least 3.5 metres away from roads.

What if you do need planning permission for your canopy?

If you do need to seek planning permission, we deal with this process for you. We carry out site surveys where our surveyors take detailed measurements and advise on the necessary next steps. It may delay the process slightly, but we’ll take care of the arrangements for you.

Is a home and garden canopy considered to be a temporary structure?

Canopies are subject to the same permissions as any other structure i.e. the permitted development scheme. However, they don’t usually require building regulations. They are much easier to remove than brick structures, but they aren’t temporary. Canopies are durable and long lasting. Our systems are made with glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and come with 10-year maintenance-free guarantees.

Every canopy is built using site-specific calculations. These calculations test your designs against potential wind and snow loads, guaranteeing structural safety. Site-specific calculations also make it easy for your canopy to be fitted first time around, and the install only lasts a few hours.

What type of home and garden canopy can you get?

The canopy you choose depends on what you’ll use it for. They can be attached to your house or be installed freestanding. You choose exactly the colour you want.

The options:

  • Carport/ driveway canopy
  • Patio canopy or outdoor dining shelter
  • General outdoor shelter
  • Glass veranda
  • Hot tub shelter
  • Door canopy

How does the process work?

It starts with a quick phone call where we arrange a free site survey. There’s no obligation for you to go through with the canopy installation after your survey, if you decide a canopy isn’t right for you. During the survey, our fitters will look at your home and take the required measurements.

Your designs are produced and agreed, and you see digital mock-ups of your new canopy to make sure you’re happy. Our fitters will be with you a few weeks later to install your canopy once we’ve manufactured the structure at our Darwen factory. The install typically takes less than a day!

Want to know more? Call our customer team on 01254 777 002 and they will be happy to talk about your options. You can get a free brochure here.