Carports 101: UK Carports and planning permission

A quick guide to UK carports, planning permission and more…

Carports are a great addition to any home and are mainly used to shelter vehicles, such as cars, caravans, bikes and motorhomes, from the elements.

Interestingly, these outdoor structures are becoming increasingly popular within the UK, as homeowners look for alternative ways to create temporary shelter for their vehicles.

Not only do carports allow air to circulate around, but they help moisture dry rather than cling on to vehicles overnight, which tends to most commonly happen to vehicles that are kept in a garage.

Most carports tend to feature just one or two walls and are either free-standing or wall-mounted. And, as with all outdoor structures, if you’re planning to install one, there are certain guidelines and areas you must look into beforehand, such as planning permission.

Download our cheat sheet for an easy-to-understand guide to everything you need to know about UK carports, planning permission and more. Read about:

• Planning permission

• Building regulations

• Materials

• Cost

• Property value

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