Why school canopies are important in getting children outdoors!


At Canopies UK we are proud to be the largest supplier and manufacturer of outdoor canopy systems to the education sector, having installed at over 4000 educational facilities.

Outdoor learning is strongly encouraged by OFSTED and the Education Secretary’s manifesto ‘Every Child Matters’. This manifesto states: “Every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances.”

It is so important for children to let off steam and it is proven that regular breaks are known to aid in concentration, so it can be frustrating for children to be confined indoors by the weather, which in this country is very unpredictable.

A canopy from Canopies UK might be one of the most versatile installations a school will everhave; they can work as a covered play area, an outdoor eating area and even an outdoor classroom – even when the weather is less than favourable!

Our canopies can offer shade in the summer with their translucent UV filters which block out 90% of harmful rays, but it can also protect against rain and snow in the winter preventing the ground from becoming wet and slippery, helping to extend your outdoor learning area.

Childrens play area canopy

Due to the strength of our unique cantilevered canopy this means that they can be fitted directly on to the side of your building and are entirely self-supporting, eliminating the need for any obstructive vertical supports. For teachers and parents this is an ideal product as there are no pillars and post for the children to bump in to, putting a stop to any potential hazards and unforeseen injuries.

Our canopies come in a wide range of colours and if required we can even match a canopy to your school colours/uniform. The canopies require no re-painting and very minimal maintenance is required.

Come rain or shine children will always want to play outside so why not offer them some protection!

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