Refurb & New Build: Customer FAQ fact sheet

Refurb & New Build: Customer FAQ fact sheet

We’re renowned for being one of the UK’s leading GRP door canopy manufacturers, thanks to our pioneering products and services.

Over the years, we’ve supplied more than 30,000 door, and window, canopies to housing associations, contractors, house builders and local authorities across the country. And it’s a figure that’s steadily continuing to rise.

Our Refurb & New Build side of the business is single-handedly setting the standard for door canopy design, manufacturing and installation. You’ll find out more about it in our fact sheet, which captures seven of the most commonly-asked questions put to us by our customers over the years.

Download the fact sheet and get answers to these key questions

1. ‘How are the canopies installed?’

2. ‘Are they delivered ready to install?’

3. ‘How long do they take to deliver?’

4. ‘Do you have any other designs?’

5. ‘How long do they take to install?’

6. ‘Are there any other colours available?’

7. ‘Do you deliver nationwide?’


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