Caravan under a carport

Protect your caravan with a canopy


Caravan under a carport

For many caravan enthusiasts autumn and winter can bring many challenges, especially in protecting your caravan against the elements.

If you are a keen enthusiast then you will be going away all year round (even in the winter), by doing this you will be helping to keep the caravan maintained, noticing any problems that may occur due to the inclement weather and fixing them straight away. For many though this time of year means storing your pride and joy away and protecting it from the worst the British weather has to offer.

The main problem in the winter months is rain and frost, once water has a chance to attack your caravan it can lead to the onset of rust and damp. When spring approaches many families have to spend a weekend washing, cleaning and generally getting the caravan up to standard, ready for the main holiday months.

A simple method that is widely used is a protective cover which can be put over your van and tied down securely to help keep it dry. The only problem with this method is that air does not have the opportunity to circulate (allowing any moisture to dry out), with some sheeting being so abrasive that it can scratch and damage your caravan.

A carport canopy from Canopies UK is the ideal solution. Our canopies are an excellent addition on many homes, and households with caravans are already benefitting from the practical solutions they can offer, especially when looking to protect your van from the elements.

Caravan under a carportOur canopies also help to protect in the summer months with their translucent UV filters which block out 90% of harmful rays, this helps to minimalise fading on the interior/exterior of your van.

Due to the strength of our unique cantilevered canopy system they can be fitted directly on to the side of your building and are entirely self-supporting, eliminating the need for any obstructive vertical supports, ideal when parking your van after being away at the weekend.


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