Rainbow Coloured School Canopy

Leasing options for your education canopy

For over a decade, leasing schemes have been helping schools of all shapes and sizes get the equipment they need when they need it. We have partnered with Funding 4 Education, who work exclusively with the education sector, offering cost-effective leasing schemes. Flexible leasing programmes can enable your school to get the canopy it needs rather than what the budget permits, allowing you to deliver the ultimate environment for children to learn and play.

What Funding 4 Education can do for you?

Giving you peace of mind is their priority. They are passionate about developing long term relationships built on reliability and trust, delivering a service which is flexible and tailor-made for you.

The Benefits


No Capital Outlay

Invariably a school’s needs are far more than your capital budget will allow. A plan enables your school to get the canopy you want now, rather than compromise on the teaching environment by waiting for the capital to become available ...if it becomes available.

Accurate Forward Budgeting

Funding 4 Education payments are fixed for the period of the Agreement. This enables accurate forward budgeting and the luxury of paying for today’s canopy with tomorrow’s devalued money.


A leasing plan is totally flexible and can be tailor-made to reflect your school’s exact requirements. The payments don’t even have to be uniform, underspend or lump sums can be included and the balance spread over the remaining term.

You can choose to pay monthly; quarterly or annually there is a payment package to suit all requirements and budgets. You can choose how often you make payments to suit your budget.

Deferred Payments

In cases where you have simply run out of budget, the “Buy Now Pay Later” deferred plan means you can have the canopy installed immediately and the payments won’t begin until your new budget becomes available.

Maximise your budget without having to compromise your learning environment!

When our salesman comes to your survey appointment they will be able to explain the different payment methods and talk you through the process. To request a survey please click here and fill in the form.