Canopies Entrance Canopy at York Racecourse Centre

Leasing options for your business canopy

Whether you’re a local enterprise or a blue chip company, leasing schemes grant businesses the ability to purchase the products they need at a time that suits them best. Canopies UK have teamed up with Kennet Equipment Leasing to allow our commercial customers (limited companies) a leasing option for their chosen canopy system. Kennet have leased more than £500m worth of equipment and products over a 26-year period, ensuring that businesses like yours grow and prosper.


Get the perfect canopy system for your customers and employees today with a flexible leasing payment plan, allowing you to fulfil the needs of the business without having to compromise on budget.

What Kennet Leasing can do for you?

Giving you peace of mind is their priority. They are passionate about developing long term relationships built on reliability and trust, delivering a service which is flexible and tailor-made for you.

The Benefits of leasing for you


  • No need to find hefty deposits to have the canopy you need
  • Tax advantages to leasing – payments are tax deductible
  • Regular payments that do not change throughout the term – you can plan your budgets
  • Quick decisions and fast finance turnaround
  • Preserve existing credit lines and overdrafts, and cash in the bank
  • Get the best products for your business rather than thinking you can only afford the cheapest because of capital constraints
  • No security levied on property – less risk

How do you pay?

A Kennet Leasing plan is totally flexible and can be tailor-made to reflect your businesses exact requirements. The payments don’t even have to be uniform, no deposit, or lump sums can be included and the balance spread over the remaining term. You can choose to pay monthly or quarterly; there is a payment package to suit all requirements and budgets.

When our salesman comes to your survey appointment they will be able to explain the different payment methods and talk you through the process. To request a survey please click here and fill in the form.