Parent Waiting Canopies

Picking the kids up from school is a job all parents and guardians will know well, offering a time to chat and socialise with other parents. Drop-off and pick-up times are busy periods for schools, so providing one area where parents can wait helps to minimise congestion, as well as keeping everyone dry whilst they wait.


Our parent waiting canopies provide the perfect solution, offering shelter from the elements throughout the year. See more of school canopies for more sheltered options.

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Parent Waiting Canopy Benefits

  • Provides a designated place for all-important drop-off and pick-up times
  • Allows parents to congregate whilst sheltering them from the elements
  • Keeps corridors and entrances free of people
  • Can also be used as a playground shelter for pupils and staff
  • Improves facilities of school for prospective intake

Canopies built to last

All of our products come with a 10 year guarantee.

We are confident in the quality and craftsmanship of our products.

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Do you want a canopy but your budgets are tight?

Have the canopy of your choice, not the canopy your school can only afford. Pay over 1-5 years.