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The Espana Outdoor Dining Canopy

If you need to expand the capacity of your staff canteen, the Espana outdoor eating canopy is an ideal choice. [toggle]This sophisticated canopy provides an additional dining area for employees and visitors – either on the side of the building or entirely free-standing. The sides and the roof are fully flexible and customisable, allowing remote retraction in the summer months or a warm, dry, sheltered space during winter.[/toggle]


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Espana Canopy Specifics

  • Inclined or rounded roof system
  • Sliding or traditional open/close doors
  • Sliding, folding, or fixed glass sides available
  • No restriction on length as it is a modular system
  • Minimum projection is 2m, increasing in increments of 50cm
  • Retractable side screens and waterproof roofing system operated by remote control
  • Can be used 365 days a year thanks to the built-in LED lighting & heaters
  • Aluminium structure available in a variety of colours. including any RAL code
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Payment Plans available