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Why there’s no need to call time on your outdoor space this autumn

  Why there’s no need to call time on your outdoor space this autumn (or ever again!) With the nights drawing in and the clocks changing next month (October), now’s the time when the hospitality sector tends to start doing less with their outdoor space and more with their indoor space. But what about if […]

Psychologists Explain Your Home Design Choices

The old adage urges us: Don’t judge a book by its cover. But the reality is that we all judge each other constantly based on personal appearance and first impressions. And the same goes for our houses: they tell people a lot about us, our personalities and our past experiences. It’s hardly surprising that a […]

The Cantabria: Increase sales & use your outdoor space all year round

Like it or loathe it, there’s no getting away from the Great British weather. Unfortunately, for the hospitality sector, it’s a common challenge UK pub, restaurant, bar and hotel owners all have to contend with, year in, year out. For instance, having customers wanting to eat outside, but not being able to because the weather […]

3 reasons why you should include a canopy in your home renovation

Adding a door canopy, carport or patio canopy to your property is a vital consideration when undertaking any home renovation project. They are a worthwhile investment, protecting your property from adverse weather conditions which could otherwise cause extensive and problematic damages – especially during the winter months. Not to mention the ...

Canopies UK Accreditations: Why they matter

At Canopies UK, we have invested a great deal of time and money to ensure that we not only meet, but surpass the strict standards expected from our accreditors. This includes being able to adhere to design stipulations, as well as wind & imposed load specifications administered by independent regulators. Our customers come first, and […]

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