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Outdoor canopies – why bother?

What’s the big deal about outdoor canopies? And what are the benefits of installing them? We answer these questions, and more, in this blog post.


[Infographic] What our ten-year guarantees mean for our customers

All of our outdoor canopy solutions come with an extensive product, labour and installation guarantee. This infographic explains more about the guarantees and the benefits for customers.


[Infographic] 5 fast facts about FastFit

FastFit is designed to help housebuilding professionals get their hands on a GRP door canopy when they need it. Want some more facts about our fantastic FastFit service? Check out this infographic.


Why we offer a ten-year guarantee and what it means for our customers

We offer extensive product, labour and installation guarantees for all of our outdoor canopy solutions. Find out more about the guarantees, as well as what they mean for our customers in this blog.


The Canopies UK journey – where we are now and where we’re heading

We're now one of the country’s leading designers, manufacturers and installers of outdoor canopies. But where did it all start? And where are we heading? Get the answers in this special Q&A blog with MD, Jason Eastwood.

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