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Purple Connekt Canopy at St Gerrards

What are our canopies made of?

Canopies UK uses the highest quality canopy roofing materials and building materials that are strong, lightweight and designed to last. Discover what they are by reading this blog post.


A day in the life of…one of our canopy installers

Find out what a typical day’s work involves for one of our canopy installers, Andy O’Toole.


A day in the life of…our managing director

In this Q&A blog our managing director, Jason Eastwood, provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what his role involves and what the future looks like for Canopies UK.

Neil Chipps Canopy Production Manager

A day in the life of…our production manager

Meet the man behind our production processes, Neil Chipps. Find out how he makes sure our canopies reach our customers on time.

A day in the life of….our warehouse manager

Read this special Q&A blog for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what a typical day involves for our warehouse manager, Sean Hammett.

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