York Racecourse

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York Racecourse is one of the leading racecourses in the world and has numerous honours and awards to its name, including Flat Racecourse of the Year. As well as hosting many spectacular York Races, the venue has also played host to Royal Ascot and The Ladbrokes St Leger.


The requirement

York Racecourse required a long-term entrance canopy solution for its stables that was both functional and appealing.



The canopy needed to do more than just simply provide shelter for people entering the stables. The system needed to:

  1. Create a grand entrance to the stables.
  2. Provide a large area of cover projecting 3.2 meters from the entrance and spanning 3 meters, side to side.
  3. Complement the existing building (both the design and colour).


The solution

We recommended our curved roofing system, the Olympus for a number of reasons including the fact it’s a statement canopy that would instantly enhance the façade of the building.

Furthermore, it was possible to wall mount the system on brackets, enabling free-flowing footfall right up to the main stable entrance doors.

We also ensured the canopy was in keeping with the rest of the venue by using our bespoke colour matching service to ensure it was exactly the same shade of green as the rest of the racecourse buildings.


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.20.48Added value

The canopy was designed by our structural engineer using a special steel specification that would achieve the required projection, allowing the roofing system to be supported without posts at the front and be cantilevered in style.

“Producing canopies without supporting posts is a highly bespoke requirement and one that only we have the expertise and resources to deliver,” explains Vinny Gossan, Commercial Area Sales Manager at Canopies UK.

“Installing a canopy with posts at the front was not an option in this instance, as they would have been an obstruction, particularly as we wanted to create an area with as much free-flowing space as possible.”



York Racecourse has been provided with a statement canopy system with instant appeal. Rather than incorporating a standard, square on design, the canopy follows the curve of the stable entrance doors.

Vinny added: “The customer has been provided with a tailored canopy system that meets their requirements and extends far beyond the limitations of standard canopy solutions.

“Despite pushing the design boundaries, the canopy also blends in with its surroundings, so much so, that when the customer first saw it, they commented on how much it looks like it has always been there.”

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York Racecourse
Tadcaster Road
YO23 1EX

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