Whitehall Bowling Club


Customer objective

The bowling club members had seen a canopy that we had previously installed on their visit to a local bowling green. This gave them the idea that a canopy across the front of their pavilion would be an ideal solution for rainy days and watching the bowls whilst under cover. Already identifying the canopy they had already seen at Olive Lane Bowling Club meant they knew what was available.

Problem solving with the canopy

The bowling club had quite an unusual roofline with large concrete steps in front which caused quite a problem with height and from a coverage point of view. As the building had large thick rendered walls which included several supporting columns this made fixing the entire canopy to the building more difficult. It was made apparent that whilst some of the canopy could be fixed to the building using steel brackets the remainder would have to be freestanding. Vandalism within the park can be quite an issue at times so it was essential that the product offers high resistance to vandalism. With this in mind the colour of the canopy was quite important as to not attract unwanted guests. As the canopy can be coloured in virtually any colour, a green colour was chosen to blend the canopy in with the surroundings.

Product choice

The product had already been selected by the customer as they had already seen and experienced our unique product at another bowling club. With Connekt’s ability to overcome obstacles and be flexible on site this was the best possible solution to the customer’s requirements.


Installing the canopy

The canopy installation was slightly more complicated than a standard installation due to the location of the bowling club being within a public park. This meant that deliveries of materials, concrete and a skip had to be coordinated with the local authority.  We also had the difficulty of overcoming the concrete steps in front of the pavilion which made the installation more challenging than normal.

Key objectives of supplying the canopy

The canopy now provides and extended changing area, a covered viewing area for spectators, a useful storage area and entrance canopy combined for the bowling club.

If you need a bespoke canopy such as the one above for your own sports club, so spectators can watch the game under cover, have a look at our range of sport facility canopies.

Whitehall Bowling Club

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