Warberry Primary School


Customer objective

Warberry school wanted to cover two areas: outside the main entrance and reception, and the foundation area where children were being forced inside in bad weather. The remit for the canopies was to provide cover at the main entrance and create a safe learning area at the foundation location.


Problem solving with canopy design

The entrance area was hampered by the rain as it was encroaching into the school, forcing them to replace the carpet on a regular basis. The foundation area had to be something that would protect from the elements but also be safe with minimum posts so there was nothing to bump into!


Choosing the right product

Our cantilever system Connekt was perfect for both areas, offering a post free zone so the children can now enjoy learning outside in a free flow play area with no additional hazards or restrictions. Plus, the reception area now stays dry during winter months.

NB: After discussing the above and meeting with the school’s manager, we discussed ┬ásome other areas that would suit canopies such as walkways to protect children as they went from classroom to classroom. In total, we installed four canopies. For more information about our outdoor learning canopies, view our range here.


Installing the canopy

The business manager was nervous about installing canopies during term time but we made sure that the install was done in a way to minimise disruption. The four canopies in total each had different install requirements. We started on a Saturday and went right through to Wednesday, so five days in total. The key to this was ensuring all foundations were dug at the weekend when no children were around, so we were ready to start installing the canopies on the Monday. During school time each canopy area was cordoned off with security fencing that both we and the school insisted upon.

Interesting facts about the canopy

There were various colours and types of canopy installed all using our Connekt modular system. We have standard colours available, but we were also able to offer a bespoke colour.

Warberry Primary School


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