Villiers Primary School


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Customer Objective

Villiers Primary School was looking for a canopy to be used in all weather conditions, with the possibility of it being enclosed so they could use it as an outdoor classroom.

Problem solving with the canopy design

There were initially 2 problems that needed to be overcome. The first being an existing canopy which needed removing in order for the new one to be installed. The 2nd was that there was a drainage gutter running through the area where the canopy was to go and we did not want to disrupt this by digging.

There was also an added element that the building was not in a straight line so this required thought when proposing the most suitable canopy.

The school also wanted the canopy to be bright in colour so to help stimulate the children.

Choosing the right productIMG_7086

The obvious product for the school was the Connekt canopy.  This was due to its adaptability to overcome design issues and it is available in bright primary colours which was ideal for the learning environment they sought.

Installing the Canopy

The canopy installation was carried out in two parts. The first being the canopy frame itself, making sure to avoid the drainage at all times. Due to the amount of brickwork available we were able to affix the canopy straight to the wall as oppose to digging holes and putting post in, this also meant we solved the problem of disrupting the drains.

Once the canopy had been installed we then took exact measurements so we could start the manufacture of the roller shutters, which fit perfectly to the canopy.

IMG_7078Interesting facts about the canopy

The canopy was fitted with roller shutters which came with polycarbonate inserts in them, this enabling more light to come through when the shutters are down. This is not a standard element to roller shutters but the school felt that in order to have the best environment for the children they needed plenty of light.

Villiers Primary School
Prouds Lane
West Midlands
WV14 6PR

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