Trenance Learning Academy

20140626_183721 copyCustomer Objective

The school were looking to cover an area outside the classrooms but wanted this for a multitude of reasons. They wanted somewhere that children could sit under and have their lunch, a covered walkway for the classroom entrances to keep the children dry and an area whereby children could learn under, as an extension to the classroom on warmer days.

Problem solving with the canopy design

The canopy had to allow for free flowing movement and match in with the school design and colours.

Choosing the right product20140628_152816 copy

After discussing the different options available it was deemed that the cantilever option would be the best fit.  This Connekt canopy was chosen.  The canopy could be attached to the building running the whole length which was 30m, having a projection of 2.6m with no need for posts at the front. The major benefit of no posts is there are no obstructions to bump into.

This post free environment could be easily turned from educational space to outside dining.  The canopy would also be accessible from all classrooms in the area and could be used as a covered walkway.

20140628_152904 copyInstalling the Canopy

The school wanted the install to take place over the weekend, with a 4 day weekend approaching due to holidays it was decided to install then. With the dates set we ensured all structural calculations were performed and a 3D drawing designed so that the school could visualise how it would look. 2 teams from installs worked on the canopy over the 4 days and completed it with time to spare. When the school returned on the Tuesday they had a new addition to the playground.

Interesting facts about the canopy

The school benefited greatly from our ability to install the canopies over the specified weekend and ensured that they got the canopy of choice as soon as they possibly could.

Trenance Learning Academy
Trenance Road

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