Jemca-Toyota-After-350x260Customer objective

The main aim was to cover all the cars in the forecourt so that customers could collect cars and look round them under cover without being affected by the rain and wind. Covering the forecourt was of upmost importance as it was seen as a way to get more foot fall which would thus increase business.

Problem solving with the canopy

The dealership had been recently built and looked very classy to match with a brand like Toyota. They wanted the handover bay areas to match with the new building and look aesthetically pleasing. The aluminium structure and cladding of the dealership had to be matched.

Choosing the right productItalia Range 6

We offer a very specific canopy product that suits car dealerships. The Italia Range comes in 4 styles: Monza, Piacenza, Verona and Sienna. The Sienna canopy was chosen due to its easy access capability, allowing cars to be driven in or out with no posts to bump into. Plus, the canopy is made from aluminium and comes with various types of polycarbonate roofing to protect against UV rays. Needless to say it also looks stylish and modern. For more information about our car dealership and car park canopies, view our range here.

Commercial Car Park Canopies Lightbox 2Installing the canopy

To minimise disruption to the day to day business we fenced off the areas where we were installing. This meant that customers were safe and protected, but also allowed us to work as normal and get the job done as quickly as possible. Foundations were laid first, then the posts were set and finally the roof was built on the floor, before being lifted on to the post with a genie.

Interesting facts about the canopy

There are many car dealerships along the A10 and by having this type of canopy installation Toyota will definitely be talk of the town.

Toyota Enfield
Lumina Way

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