St Gerard’s RC Primary School


 Customer Objective

St Gerard’s Primary School wanted to provide a covered area for parents to wait under in inclement weather conditions, which was mainly at drop off and pick up times. They also wanted it to be used during school hours to offer a shaded area in sunny conditions.

 Problem solving with the canopy design

St gerards illustration

The canopy had to provide a safe area for children to play but also provide cover for the parents, so they wanted it close to the entrance of the school.They did not want any posts at the front of the canopy, or at least wanted to keep the amount or posts to a minimum whilst still covering a large area.

Choosing the right product

The perfect product to achieve the aims of the school was the Connekt canopy system.  This was owing to the fact that the school had a building which was suitable for our cantilevered design system. Due to the structure of the brickwork and the amount of wall available we were able to use vertical brackets and affix straight to the wall, with no supporting posts. This was ideal for the school, having no posts also removed the need for any digging up of the tarmac/playground.

The canopy projection was 2.4m and the length 6.5m

Installing the Canopyphoto 3

The school had set days where they required the install as they wanted the site manager to be there, and more importantly they wanted the install to coincide with the children being away from the school. We took all this into consideration when booking the install and the school were pleased with our proposal. The weather was kind to our fitting team and we installed it all in 1 5

Interesting facts about the canopy/customer

The canopy was not one of our standard colours as it was to match the colours of the school. The Head teacher had introduced purple as a new identity so it was an added bonus that we could offer our bespoke colour matching service.

St Gerards RC Primary School
Lugsdale Road



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