St Annes RC Primary School


St Anne’s RC Primary School is based in Blackburn and caters for around 240 pupils between the ages of three and 11-years-old.


The requirement

The school’s business manager contacted us because they wanted to remove their existing old and tired-looking awnings and replace them with something that would:

  1. Enhance the look of the school.
  2. Provide them with a sheltered outdoor area that could be used by their younger reception class/Year 1 pupils.
  3. Cause minimal disruption to the playground.


The solution

The school clearly needed a more permanent solution to replacing their existing awnings, so we specified our Connekt system, which met their requirements on all levels.

The system provided the school with a fixed roof that still allowed light in and provided UV protection. There were no posts at the front of the canopy, thanks to the cantilevered design, which is unique to Canopies UK and enabled us to keep the number of supporting posts to an absolute minimum.

The school were also able to really make their mark on their canopy by specifying the colour, which our in-house colour-matching service produced.



St Anne’s RC Primary School were provided with a canopy system that fully met their requirements in just two days.

More importantly, due to the cantilevered design, we were able to immediately eliminate the risks associated with placing posts in the playground, which can be a potential health and safety hazard.

What’s more, the canopy was matched to the school’s colours, which meant it didn’t just seamlessly blend in with the existing buildings, but looked like it had always been there.


St. Annes RC Primary School
Fielden Street

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