Sandwell Academy


Customer objective

We dealt directly with the Operations Director, so it was easy to understand his objective. The requirement was for a permanent structure that provided shelter for children in play times. The canopy was to be in the school grounds and away from the building, and they also wanted it to look attractive.


Problem solving with the canopy design

The school is on high ground, so it was essential that the canopy could stand up to the British weather. All of our canopies are tested for wind and snow load, so site specific calculations were made taking into consideration altitude and how this affected wind speed. The canopy was then manufactured accordingly.

They also required the canopy to follow the kerb line and taper around the parking area which is at the back of the canopy.


Choosing the right product

Connekt was chosen as this is a modular system and can come in any lengths with various projections from 1.2m to 4m. This product has been used in thousands of installations, plus it is a product which allows for panelling to give added protection.


Installing the canopy

The canopy was installed during the summer holiday and lasted five days. Our install team laid the foundations, erected the posts, fit the beams and roofing sheets, added the side panels and finally finished it off with fascia and guttering.

Interesting facts about the canopy

The canopy will also be used for spectators to use when watching sporting matches on the adjacent courts. They have strong ties in sport being next to WBA football ground. For more information about our school sport canopies, view our range here.

Sandwell Academy
West Midlands
B71 4LG

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