RAF Alconbury


Customer objective

To provide outdoor storage cover for recreational goods, such as kayaks, canoes, lawn mowers, BBQs and other forms of recreational equipment.

Problem solving with the canopy

The vehicles had to be able to back into the area and many of the vehicles were equipped with roof racks in order to pick up the equipment. It was imperative that the canopy offered enough height and clearance so that loading and unloading was easy, whilst being undercover. They wanted a canopy that had no posts in the middle.


Choosing the right product

The obvious choice was our Connekt modular system. It had the height required and the posts were at the corners or down the side, meaning vehicles could access freely without obstruction.

Installing the canopy

The base themselves provided a fork lift and genie to put the roof on and they also cordoned off the area. We initially put foundations in the ground before putting up the posts. All foundations were worked out against site specific calculations, meaning we took into consideration wind speed and snow levels for the area.

Interesting facts about the canopy

Due to this being on an RAF base, all our personnel went through strict background checks and all vehicles were searched before gaining entry to the site. The boys found it exciting working on an army base!

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RAF Alconbury
PE28 4DA

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