Pitcheroak Primary School


Pitcheroak School in Redditch provides education and specialist support for 4 to 19-year-olds, who have additional learning requirements, ranging from developmental delay, to very complex learning and communication needs.

The requirement

The school got in touch with us because they wanted to find a solution that would help prevent parents and pupils from getting wet in the rain during drop off and pick up time.


As Pitcheroak School is a special school, it was particularly important that any obstructions created by the canopy were kept to an absolute minimum. The school’s business manager was particularly concerned that using supporting ground posts inserted into the ground might be a major obstruction for pupils.

From a design perspective, we needed to provide an L-shaped system and from an installation perspective, we needed to incorporate the school’s sliding entrance door.


screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-15-03-00The solution

We recommended our Connekt modular system that incorporated a cantilevered design, which meant that the canopy/walkway was wall-mounted as opposed to being ground-mounted.

As well as providing an L-shaped canopy/walkway, we also managed to position the posts so that they didn’t obstruct the sliding entrance door.

“We truly set ourselves apart from the competition by being able to provide the school with our unique cantilever canopy system,” explains Ryan Powell, Commercial Sales Executive at Canopies UK.

“Not only did our solution fully meet the school’s design brief, it also eradicated any potential health and safety risks associated with placing posts in the ground. The end result: the school has a system that’s truly fit for purpose and peace of mind that it’s not a major hazard to its pupils.”



Pitcheroak School has been provided with a canopy/walkway system that presents minimum risk to pupils, is tailored to the school’s design requirements and is capable of sheltering both pupils and parents in all types of weather, all year round.

The School Business Manager at Pitcheroak School, said: “The canopy is an absolute dream and is everything we wanted and more.

“The way it’s built and assembled is absolutely perfect. We’re extremely happy with the finished product.”


Pitcheroak Primary School
Willow Way
B97 6PQ

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