NHS Airedale


Customer objective

The estates manager wanted to provide a covered area at the childrenÂ’s nursery. The canopy was to replace an existing timber structure which was no longer fit for purpose, plus the structure had obstructive posts everywhere, which was a hazard when children were playing under it.

Problem solving with the canopy design

They wanted the canopy installed within weeks and with our manufacturing plant and install teams we were able to meet the tough deadlines. The main reason for wanting it quickly was to allow the children use of the area in winter months, which were fast approaching. They also wanted a canopy that could specifically follow the contours of the building.

Choosing the right product

The Connekt canopy system was the obvious choice as its cantilevered beams mean there are no requirements for posts at the free side. This system removes any potential hazards and allows the children to play safely in an open environment. It is also particularly suited to following contours of buildings. For more information about our covered play area canopies, view our range here.


Installing the canopy

The canopy system was installed within three days and just in time for the bad weather. The estates manager was more than happy with the quick turnaround and now the children can play safely without getting wet.

Interesting facts about the canopy

Sometimes our canopies cannot be fit onto the building because the structure is not strong enough, as was the case at Airedale, but this is easily overcome. We simply installed post at the building side which went on foundations in the ground. We used this structure to support the roof, so there was actually no direct attachment to the building.

NHS Airedale
West Yorkshire
BD20 6TD

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