Newcastle-Under-Lyme School



Newcastle-under-Lyme School is an independent day school in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

The school, which caters for children aged between three and 18, consists of a Nursery, Preparatory department, Senior School and Sixth Form.


The requirement

The school wanted to turn their early years playground into a sheltered area without having to sacrifice any of their existing playground space, which was already rather compact.

They particularly wanted a sheltered playground because in bad weather, their younger pupils often had no other choice, but to stay indoors at break times or go outside and end up getting wet and cold.



The school were particularly concerned that the canopy may pose a safety risk to pupils, as they may accidentally bump or walk into the supporting metalwork.

We overcame this challenge by reviewing and redesigning the standard steel brackets we usually use to mount our canopy systems with.


The solution

Given the space and the safety requirements, we specified one of our Connekt cantilevered canopies. We chose this particular system because it doesn’t require any ground-mounted posts, which would have taken up valuable space and been a potential hazard.

As safety was an absolute must with this particular project, our team of specialists designed a set of wall brackets, that were 1 metre long, as opposed to the standard 2.5 metres long. This meant the brackets don’t reach the ground and were positioned safely out of pupils’ way.



We provided Newcastle-under-Lyme School with a dedicated sheltered area where pupils can go outside and play come wind, rain or shine.

Furthermore, thanks to our insight and expertise, we altered the design of the wall brackets, so that they pose no safety risk to pupils.


Newcastle-Under-Lyme School
Mount Pleasant
Newcastle Under Lyme

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