Mayfield School


Mayfield School is a communication and interaction specialist school based in Chorley that caters for 100 pupils between the ages of two and 19-years-old.


The requirement

The school, which is a special school, got in touch with us, as they’d already called upon us to install one of our Connekt canopies in the past and wanted a second system.

The aim of the second canopy was to create a walkway between the main building and a new section of the school that:

  • Would prevent pupils with wheelchairs from getting wet or having to travel from one building to the other too quickly
  • Was wide enough to be used by lots of children at the same time
  • Would double up as a shelter that pupils could use at break times to get fresh air in the winter

The solution

We recommended installing a canopy in the playground that would effectively act as a link between all of the different school buildings.

The school’s business manager wanted the second canopy to be as wide as possible, so we opted to install our Connekt canopy with our coliseum variant. This enabled us to provide the school with a system that was 21 meters long and 7.2 meters wide.



Mayfield School has been provided with a canopy system that has ticked all of its boxes, is watertight, and wide and large enough to allow children to easily pass in wheelchairs and in all directions.

As a result of having installed its first canopy, the school knew about our capabilities and that we would provide them with a high quality service and high end finish product that fully met their requirements, which is exactly what we did first, and second time around.


Mayfield School
Gloucester Road

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